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Tiny Convention Report Update!

For my birthday (woops! another update I missed, but I'm on it now, guys!), my mum gave me a gorgeous Canon Sx40. I'm hopefully off to New York later this year and I can't wait to take this beauty out for a spin in such an amazing city.

In celebration, I've revisited my old Flickr account, upon learning that they've upped their storage for free users. I've been mainly using Facebook for uploads, but I think any nicer photos (i.e, not just shots of my current Magic decks) will end up on Flickr for the world to see. You can see my old dumb photos
over there if you fancy.

Anyway, just to catch up ya'll on the latest happenings here, I'll quickly give you a tiny convention update:

Plymouth Comic Expo #2 was a success, and I actually met a couple of League of Legends cosplayers! The game's so huge, I suppose it was only a matter of time before it hit the fandom and convention scene, which is great for me because it means I'm finally starting to sell the League prints I've had for a while now, haha. I really enjoy the Plymouth Comic Expos, they're tiny but attract some lovely people. A different crew are launching a convention later this year called Dev Con (on September 21st) and it's set to be a much larger affair, but I hope we do get more of the little Expos, too.

Moose became social sec of Termisoc, Plymouth University's computing society, and directly after Plymouth Comic Expo, I headed down to Voodoo, a bar they'd taken over for a LAN event. Termisoc hold several LANs a year but they're usually on uni grounds, which blocks Steam. gg guys. This one was way more laid back (and smaller) but access to Steam and the internet was a massive plus. Also, you know, there was alcohol. In the form of Jammy Dodger shots. I can dig it.

Bristol Comic Expo was as good as ever. This year they introduced a gaming section with a bunch of retro consoles set up for anyone to play and my table was positioned right next to them, which was great for me! It meant anyone interested in games would come my way, and given the majority of my table's subject matter (nerd culture & gaming), I'd say it was a nice magnet to have! It also meant I was able to launch myself from the table and onto the consoles whenever they were free, so I managed to get my Smash Bros and my Rock Band on, heck yeah.

MCM Expo (or London Comic Con now, I guess) is always the biggy, and a goodie. I squeezed out a couple of Doctor Who related pieces to coincide with the season finale and sold out. They're pushing the esports thing at Expo now, with a huge League of Legends tourney that ran over the weekend. I absolutely love that the UK is starting to get in on esports, and that League of Legends is the forerunner of it all. I managed to sneak away from the table for a long time to watch one of the games, just in time to find a huge League cosplay meetup, too. The scene's growing, and it's awesome!

And then, after MCM Expo, I attended Confuzzled. This is a furry convention, and despite skirting the scene my whole life, I've never been to one before. I sent art to Anthrocon a few times, but never got out there myself. I had no idea what to expect, but I threw myself into it and ordered a table in the Dealer's Den, knowing I had very little furry art and knowing how out of practice I was. I needn't have worried, though! I took along a few old prints and drew up some ACEO (art cards editions and originals, basically small 2.5" x 3.5" trading card sized pieces of art) and offered them for commission, and also took digital and take home stuff as well. It was a hit! I was busy the entire con with work, and when I wasn't working, I was busy hanging out in the artists alley, slurping Confuzzled themed cocktails in the beautiful hotel grounds, or swimming in gorgeous pool. It was amazing! Seriously one of the best conventions I've ever attended. The entire feel of the thing was lovely, the people were friendlier than any other con I've been to - I've never before felt confident enough to just up and get chatting to someone over breakfast, y'know? I enjoyed it all so much that, when they announced next years dates would clash with MCM Expo, I couldn't hold myself back from crying in the hallway, haha. #whitestnerdiestproblems ever, right? I'm seriously still so bummed I can't attend next year (though I'm considering trying to make it to one or two days directly after Expo), but sadly I can't turn down the sales I make at Expo even for the fun of Confuzzled. Oh well. I'll be back, fuzzles.

My next convention is Ayacon, but I'm not selling there, just nerding out for the weekend. Then it's BUCK (where I'll be selling originals, prints and other goodies), PonyCon, Dev Con and MCM Expo October style. Busy life! And that's just the conventions, haha. I'm going to catch up with a 'life update' post later, but for now, I got me some art to do!