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2014! Come at me, Bro!

I've decided that 2014 is going to be a great year. It's going to be a year of financial gain, artistic growth and, more importantly, a year of getting off my butt. Figuratively, at least, because most of the things I plan to do are things that largely involve sitting on my butt:

I was secretly very pleased with my little foray into the Youtube scene last month. It's nice to be new to something with the knowledge that you can improve, its actually nice being the newbie with things to learn and techniques to master. I think about two videos a week is a realistic number, and one I'm capable of doing now that the holiday season isn't getting in the way. Any more than two a week would cut into my art time, and as much as I love the Vlogging world, art will always remain my priority.

This is the same resolution I've had every year, but I want to downright art more. I want it to be a basic state of being. I spend so much of my time looking at art online, at artist's techniques or tutorials, reading inspiring quotes and imagining what I want to draw, but I never actually do the drawing part. I've said for the longest time that I'd be a really good artist if I actually drew between drawing, because at the moment I can go days and days without so much as a doodle, and then sit down and just work on one finished piece. This year I'm forcing myself to just draw more. Anything. So far it's been going well, I'm trying to take my sketchbook out with me rather than my tablet. So far, so good!

I also set myself a 'solid', realistic set in stone resolution (something I rarely do, it's best to keep these things a little flexible!)
that I would paint more art that could be taken to local craft fairs/art fairs rather than just comic conventions. Watercolour fantasy/cartoon animal pieces, mainly. We'll see how that one progresses!

I used to read so much. I'd devour countless books every year! And then the internet happened and gaming happened and lazy happened and now I'll barely read one. It's awful. So, as a special treat to myself for competing in the Dryathlon (2 weeks and counting!), I bought myself the first Game of Thrones book and Noughts & Crosses by
Malorie Blackman. Again removing my tablet from my daily life, I've started taking books into the bath with me again, and as a result I've almost finished Noughts & Crosses! Now to tackle the Game of Thrones franchise...

(Ye-es, I did used to take my tablet into the bathroom - stop looking at me funny! There's nothing better than a long hot soak armed with bubbles, candles and Netflix.)

And, lastly, fittlingly...

I've had a blog of some kind since 2001, when I got invite-only access to Livejournal. I still love and use Livejournal (and make a point of forwarding all my blogposts here to my old LJ account) but since everything's so quiet over there, I thought I'd take my rambling here, instead.

I still don't know what I want from this blog. I find myself at odds a lot with the blogging world because I'm a girl who loves lifestyle/fashion blogging, but I'm also a complete geek who plays video games all the danged time and who attends conventions in silly clothes and who draws cartoons for a living.

I asked, a while ago, on my Livejournal if people would mind seeing that mix of fashion posts and gaming rants, and the general consensus was to just go for it, scrolling really ain't all that difficult. So, basically, I've decided to just go for it, here, on my personal space. I want this place to be a slice of my life, nerdy and full of art and colour and fun, where I can talk about anything from my latest shopping haul to my anger and rage at League of Legends players.

Which is why I've finally joined Bloglovin', so pleasefollow me there if you'd like. Or RSS me, if you'd rather. I can't promise to always be interesting all of the time, but if you like girlie nonsense, slice of life ramblings, pop culture art, nerdy television, video games or conventions, you'll probably enjoy at least some of the content here, and if I make anyone smile at least once, I know I'll have done something very right indeed!

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