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Life in Instagram
Watching Call the Midwife with a cheeky glass of Babycham - 'Happy Days' in Bristol with mum - my silver bracelet
Spring has sprung! - Bath Abbey - 'Vintage Life', a new favourite read in a bubble bath!

I'm trying to get into a blogging habit here, but it's difficult! I spend so long on other social media outlets, it feels like I've already said it all on Twitter or Facebook. But when I spend so long looking at other beautiful blogs, I just know I have to keep this going. Someday I want to look back at this online diary and marvel at the memories.

Similarly, I've been trying to use Instagram a little more. It's a fun little way to document the smaller moments. Life's not always big holidays and grand adventures. Sometimes life is as simple and lovely as a glass of Babycham in a vintage glass.

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