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MASSIVE crosspost summary!

Hello hello! Sorry I've been so neglectful here. I actually read my flist every day as I use LJ as my main rss reader, but I so rarely remember to reblog the posts I make to my website (www.reaperfox.com). Here's some recap for anyone interested! I want my website to be my main blogging platform but I do love LJ so I'll try and cross-post as much as I can (when I remember ¬_¬) I'll probably do some more recap stuff later to just get everything in one place, but from now on whenever I make a new post, I'll crosspost it here instantly so there won't be a backlog.

Anyway! without further ado!:

Makin' Merch - 30th April - lots of photos of my new convention stock!

My table at DevCon
June 6th - lots of table photos and convention recap!

Bristol Comic Expo recap!
- 14th May - just a convention report really!

Wildstar is dead! Long live Wildstar! </a>- May 18th - showing off my Wildstar beta characters just before the beta closed for good!

London Comic Con (MCM Expo) recap! - June 2nd - cosplay (including my own!), convention recap and some shots of Canary Wharf :)

Fun in the Sun - Birthday BBQ! - June 16th - slice of life, and talking about some new games I'd never played before!


Jun. 16th, 2014 10:28 pm (UTC)
Hey. Just noticed that apparently my reporting on MCM Expo's awful disabled access policies has resulted in my being banned from their forums :(

This year I note reports that instead of just putting fake 'out of order' signs on lifts to stop people using them, they had been having them locked out of service by the key switch. And that they were still obscuring access to the disabled toilets in the main halls.

I really do think it's showing signs of collapsing in on it's self due to growing too quickly for the people in charge of it. Sad that I didn't get to see you as usual by choosing not to go, and going to CfZ instead, but not sad that I missed the chaos and pain that those crowds put me through last time. I'll see you at Pony Con instead!

Are you thinking about doing Thought Bubble later this year?