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I'm posting this here because it's the only place I trust spoiler cuts! This probably isn't anything, but I thought it was quite interesting so here goes... Spoilers for the latest two episodes of Doctor Who!

Okay so this is just dumb speculation and thinking but... this random woman who keeps popping up after 'saving' people as they die or just before they die, coupled with the fact that this episode started with the Doctor saving somebody just before she was about to die. I just wonder if this is a thread in the new series BECAUSE, and this is where it gets dumb and speculative so hear me out ;p

When Capaldi first regenerated, he said something along the lines of asking what his face was like, and said something specifically to the effect of how every face he has is usually someone he's seen along the way, and his memory of this one is just on the edge of his mind, he just can't quite recall it... he rambles on for a little while about it.

Capaldi has been in Doctor Who before, as the dude in Pompeii that Tennant saves against all his instincts. Y'know, the guy who gets saved right before he's about to die?


So yeah okay I'm sure I'm pulling theorys out of my butt but it just seemed in my conspiracy theorist's mind too much of a coincidence? OH WELL it was good anyone I rather enjoyed the episode.

Oh, and you guys can read my (spoilery) review thingie about last week's episode Deep Breath here on my blog!



Sep. 2nd, 2014 07:57 pm (UTC)
Doesn't sound that dumb to me! I've seen similar theories in other places as well.

I had my own crazy theory moment during the episode as well, where I wondered if something Clara might do when inside the dalek's head might have led to the Oswin Oswald dalek. Although I did realise that it doesn't really fit with the information from that episode (would have been cool though).