October 19th, 2018

80s, Pretty in Pink

Dear Livejournal,

You have no idea how much I miss you.

You have no idea how much this place means to me, or how dearly I wish anywhere else online came close to the things you offered. The communities, the threaded, genuine conversations, the people, the fandoms, the creativity.

You were a blog, but you were a diary also, you were tiny, one paragraph posts in the middle of the night, famous quotations, gigglefest roleplays, heartfelt apologies, song lyrics and silly MS Paint doodles.

I've been reading through my posts from 2006, 2007, 2008, and finding comments from people I'm friends with now, today, whom I meet up with regularly or at least see IRL sometimes - friendships YOU MADE HAPPEN, Livejournal. Friendships you forged, through communities and comments I've never found elsewhere online. Fandom moved to Tumblr, where people can't just talk to each other or join in on conversations, and where multi-user communities just plain don't exist. Fandom moved to Twitter, which is the most similar place, I think, to this little world we carved here, but it is a platform built for modern, changing times, full of short posts and home to even shorter attention spans. I don't know where else Fandom moved to, but I miss it so dearly, and it aches that there's no way to find it again.

There were trends here, memes and silly quizzes. There was spam, and confessions, and dirty secrets, and lies. You were the place where I discussed so many things, frank and open and honest with the world.

I didn't try to be a good writer, I just needed to write.

I have a lifetime account here, Livejournal. I'd pay for another, and another, and another, if it could bring back the world we once shared here.

I don't post here much anymore, because it feels like shouting over the rubble of a fallen empire, but this place has forever been my online home. I grew up here. I'm so different, now, but I read back through my posts from a decade ago, over a decade ago, and realise that I'm still so very much the same.

You will *always* be my home online.

I miss you so much, Livejournal.