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Eff you, kitty.

Yesterday, lazenich, digicowboy, ivywag and myself went to see The Presidents of the USA in concert. I admit, I only really knew of their "big" songs, Lump, Kitty, Peaches, but I had an absolutely fantastic time. They were amazing live, loads of energy and heaps of fun.

There were two warmup bands; one was a Bristol based guy called Kid Carpet who wasn't very good at all. He got progressively better as his (short) set went on, but the only real appeal was that he used a few toy instruments for his (Happyhardcore/dance type, and therefore not really to my taste at all) songs.

Then we had Jrock! Oh god, these guys, what were they called?, Electric Eel or something, were from Japan and played the most awesome heavy metal stuff. They were so much fun, if a little batshit. At the end of the Presidents' set, they came out and handed the audience a crate of Jagermeister.

So yes. It was a great evening. We ended up back at Wix's (ivywag's) place, ordering pizza, playing Guitar Hero and watching Family Guy and Nevermind The Buzzcocks. NERDS.



Apr. 21st, 2008 09:15 am (UTC)
The guy was NOT Happy Hardcore. XD

This is happy hardcore.


And he played his Bristol song. To the Manchester crowd. It was somewhat leadballoonish. XD

Good gig though.