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Not Stalking David Tennant/Morrissey.

Hokay, guys. This post comes to you in three awesome parts.


Firstly, some commentary!

Wow! What an amazing time. See, on Sunday I got a text from Anna, a pony collector who lives nearish Gloucester, asking if I was around because she, Steph and Barbara (also pony collectors!) were going to watch some Doctor Who filming at the cathedral! This was at like, 9 at night, so there was no way I could get up from Dorset in time. I pretty much spent the whole night sulking like a spoilt child.

Monday, I asked if anyone was going up there again, and Anna and Steph said they both were. It was very spur of the moment for me, I've never driven further than Bristol before, but in the end I said 'fuck it!!', I'm always complaining that my life is dull and uneventful, so why not spice it up a bit?

On the Sunday, Anna, Steph and Barbara both got footage of David Tennant running up and down, plus great photos of the actual TARDIS. Here's the two videos Anna took (here and here). So I was super excited Monday night, we got there about 8 o clock and there was some milling about, but I didn't get to see much at all. The TARDIS was covered up in a blanket, the filming was happening down an alley that we couldn't get to, and I was really, really dissapointed! I'd travelled like a hundred miles for this! We still had a pretty fun night, and the atmosphere was just lovely. It was also really fun hanging out with the girls, who I hadn't seen since the MLP meet a few months ago. Buuut, from a Doctor Who perspective, it was pretty (read: HUGELY) dissapointing.

I got back to Luke's place about 12:30 at night (since he lives in Bristol, I didn't have to drive all the way home) and told him we were doing this tomorrow together, and we were staying LATE! I'm very lucky that Luke loves Doctor Who as much as me (though maybe not quite as much, given that I have additional and naughty Girlie Thoughts about the Doctor that I'm pretty sure he doesn't share.)

Anyway, so Tuesday we went and got a new rat cage (Freddy 2, which looks lovely, if small, compared to my old one, but it's full of hammocks and tunnels now and my babies are busy... sleeping... so I guess it'll do!), drew a really shoddy doctorwhy and headed back out for another evening of Doctor stalking. To be honest, I didn't expect to see much. We got to the cathedral by about 8 and there were already tons of people (fans, normal folk just being nosey, and parents with eager little kids) and I couldn't see much. The filming was going on down the very back of this archway and it was a little hard to tell what was going on and who was who. Occassionally you'd hear a squeal like "OMG I SEE HIM!" as he fleetingly rushed past. It was pretty far away and everyone was in brown coats, so I was very prepaired to sit back and soak up the atmosphere and accept that I wouldn't see much again.

In the end, they put up these barriers because the crowds made it impossible for the crew to get in and out, and some people left because they couldn't see as much (not that you could see much anyway, but.) -- by the end of it, Luke and I were at the front of the barriers, but everything was so far away. We saw some extras go past in Victorian gear, and this throng of little girls in the front started chanting "WE WANT THE DOCTOR, WE WANT THE DOCTOR!"

After a while, they brought up a big light (flickering effect, like a flame) towards us in the archway, and I thought... hang on a minute. Why are they lighting this area up, hrm?

Omg, you guys. They started rehearsing this scene right there infront of us. David Tennant, David Morrissey and this gypsy-looking woman (she had this long gypsy type dress on), about 15-20 feet away from us. When David first came up, he looked at us and gave us all a little wave, and when everyone waved back and said hello, he gave this HUGE grin and waved again, but he rushed back pretty quickly. I heard they were two hours behind schedule and weren't going to finish until 5 am that night, so it's safe to say he was pretty busy. Everyone called "thank you, David!", and then they started rehearsing this scene.





By the end of it, I knew the lines as well as David Morrissey did. The scene involved David, David and Woman running towards us, stopping in the archway and ducking behind it, as though hiding from some bad guys. Morrissey then says 'While my memory's not intact, here are the deeds..." and he proceeds to hand Tennant an envelope, who stuffs it in his inside jacket pocket. He gives him an address, says something else, and they start to run off again (towards us!) Tennant grabs the woman and says something like "maybe you should come with me?" and she says "I don't think so," and runs off behind Morrissey.

They rehearsed this so many times. One rehersal, which is on my video, Morrissey stumbled pretty badly, resulting in a wooping laugh from Tennant. We all start giggling, and then realise we shouldn't be making any noise, and they carried on with the scene. Another 'blooper' was that Tennant couldn't stuff the deeds into his pocket in one easy motion, and I saw him turn to Morrissey afterwards and do that ..."duuurrr" tongue in bottom lip? expression (you know what I mean, right?) and mimic putting it in his pocket, obviously taking the piss outta himself. Pretty awesome.

They moved us back a bit further, repositioned some lights, and redid the scene again for another million times. By this point, we'd been moved around the side so we couldn't look into the alley. A lot of people left, I think, around this time. The cool part was that every time they ran out this time, they ran a bit further, and it ended up that David Morrissey was stopping and turning around about three or four feet away from me. It was absolutely unreal. He was wearing this gorgeous Victorian gentleman's outfit, with a sword and this belt of huge military looking bullet... things (that you hear me intelligently comment on in one of the videos). God, it was so amazing.

Funny thing, because of the wide angle of this shot, they were going to cover the whole street around us in snow, but I guess they decided against that. They positioned three extras infront of a street sign and a modern bench, the poor guys. Apparently they were told that they were "plotting their next robbery", LOL. Such great stage directions, translated to 'don't move, you're hiding the fact that this ain't Victorian London'!

So yeah. After that, they all moved down the back (far) end again, and around midnight, the catering van turned up and grub was served. Luke and I took this as our cue to aquire fine BBQ Chicken from the local KFC, and by the time we ate and returned to the filming, I was in time to spot David (er, Tennant) flouncing around the snack table, grab something to eat and run around the set. It was pretty sad that the best way to identify him in the distance and in the dark was by his sideburns. ;)

Also, around this time a whole coachload of kids turned up in Victorian clothing! Poor little guys, they were obviously extras, but we heard one say "I wanna go to bed! D:" and someone else said they were so scared. Oh bless them. Lucky kids, though!

By that time, around 1 am I guess, there were about seven people left, and since we were essentially just standing around watching the crew eat dinner, Luke and I decided to call it a night. Man, I've never been so tired driving before. I clocked up nearly 300 miles in the past two days. David Tennant owes me some petrol money. :) I went on the forums and found out I didn't miss anything by leaving then (rather than waiting until 5 am).

I really wish I had it in me to go up there again tonight, the last day of filming. But... it's so far away. Nnrf. Today they film from 8 pm to early morning.

One thing that I couldn't help thinking was how TINY Tennant looked. When he stood up against Morrissey, who admittedly is like 6"7?, he looked MINUTE. Honestly, because he's SO skinny, if I didn't KNOW he was 6"2, I would think he was one of those cute short guys (Ant/Dec/Richard Hammond/Michael J Fox). He GENUINELY looked SO petite, tiny (um, pert) butt, tiny waist, tiny shoulders, long legs. Mm.

Secondly, here are the photos from the Doctor Who Gloucester filming! Needless to say, they contain casting spoilers for the Christmas 2008 Special. We weren't allowed to take photos of the actual filming, but some snuck through. ;)

And thirdly, here are some videos!
The youtube quality is pretty shitty, which is a shame because the actual videos are loooovely!

David approaches! He was rehearsing where he had to run to, and this is just before he waved a big hello to us lot. :)

David Morrissey slips up, David Tennant laughs, and I get told off by a police lady.

David Morrissey has BULLETS (and I sound intelligent. not.)

More rehersal.

The little girl next to me asked me if this was 'the best thing you've ever done in your whole life', and I truthfully said yeah, it was up there. :) :) :)
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