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Oh, wow. I just reserved front row seats to see Hamlet in October.


And bugger if I wasn't meant to show lazenich this yesterday. I'll post it here even though everyone on LJ and their brother has seen it already:

Neil Gaiman writes a (perfect) Doctor Who / Hamlet crossover:

I know that David Tennant's Hamlet isn't till July. And lots of people are going to be doing Dr Who in Hamlet jokes, so this is just me getting it out of the way early, to avoid the rush...

"To be, or not to be, that is the question. Weeelll.... More of A question really. Not THE question. Because, well, I mean, there are billions and billions of questions out there, and well, when I say billions, I mean, when you add in the answers, not just the questions, weeelll, you're looking at numbers that are positively astronomical and... for that matter the other question is what you lot are doing on this planet in the first place, and er, did anyone try just pushing this little red button?"

There. Thanks. Sorry about that.

He should write an episode of Doctor Who. He's certainly got the Tenth Doctor voice down. I love him so much, I'll even forgive the use of 'Dr Who'.

Edit: Ha ha, the tag he used for that is 'Dr Whomlet'.


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