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A Very Pony Post.

Today is a recharge the batteries day. It's also a bit of a My Little Pony day. I said at the Reading MLP meet that U'd start being more active on the Arena, and as such, I entered into the current swapbox there. I've been sorting out stuff - I already have all the doubles I need - and generally having a nice sort out.

Yesterday, in the sunbeam reminants of a glorious day, I did some pony photography, which I've been calling Ponytography all day, though I'm pretty sure wouldn't mean the same thing at all, if it was a real word in the first place. I wish I was as skilled at this as roxyk630 is at photographing her dollies. I guess ponies don't pose as well, of course, but I feel pretty cheap just using the standard 'macro and a flower!!1!!!1one' option. Oh, well. I'm aware these break my own stupid journal restrictions, but 500 px is not too wide, darn it. Here's No Country Flutterbye:

And here's Sweet Clover and Brights Brightly, or whatever his name is. He (yes, thanks to kimonos_house he's definitely a he) is one of my absolute favourite G3 ponies. If it weren't for all those darn gorgeous tropical G3s, he'd probably be my top favourite.

I took more, but I'm already bored with processing them so I'll spam the Arena with 'em later.

Anyway, so I'm sat here covered in watercolours, painting My Little Pony pictures and waiting for the newest Futurama movie (apparently called 'The Beast With A Billion Backs') to finish downloading (I know, right? It's not even released until June 24th!)

Yeah. Drawing My Little Ponies is good for the soul.


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Jun. 9th, 2008 01:39 pm (UTC)
THIS just totally made my morning. There's nothing like having ponies smiling at me from LJ... and I don't even collect!

Though, now you are making me want to take out all my ponies, pose them with Ant and or Frankie and snap a ton of shots. ... wonder how ponies post with Daleks...

PS: The pics look awesome. You did an amazing job with the angles and using color to your advantage. Since ponies aren't all that poseable... they look great! :3 That and I love the way your boy's hair is falling in that second one.

*spins around the room like a dumbass on sugar*
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