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Damn you, Wright!

Last night, I went to bed with the full intention of going to sleep. I had to get up at 6 AM this morning to go to work, so I figured if I went to bed at midnight, I'd get a good six hours in (MATHS!). It didn't exactly happen that way, though.

Man, you guys. I haven't stayed up all night since I was at uni. It felt really good, oddly. Like I AM STILL YOUNG ENOUGH TO DO THIS SHIT, stay up playing a video game about lawyers. Which, by the way? became so. damned. epic. I literally had to force myself up and out of bed to get ready for work because I wanted to finish it. I wish to God they'd make an anime of this series. It's as intense and brilliant as any movie I've seen. I can has anime nao? Pls? I'd even read subtitles. I mean, really.

Hey guys, by the way? I have a new DA account. There's nothing much there yet, but I intend GREAT THINGS for it. Like, I might even post art to it!! WHO KNOWS, man.

Also E3 whut? GTA: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS? What. That was... unexpected.
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