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More of my cowboy. He has a name, now, so say hello to Emerson. He's really not as goofy as I've drawn him here, but it seems like I'm incapable of drawing anything but funny lookin' guys, lately. This is the same dude I drew in this sketch with the Unicorn elk. I guess I am working on a story for him, but I haven't written anything of any substance in such a long time, I have no idea how to go about it anymore. I guess a plot would be a good start, right?

I'm really learning my weaknesses, lately. Objects, technology, dynamic poses. I really need to work on these things, because all I'm doing lately is stagnant, three quarter length upper torso shots. Baaahyawn.

Tryin' to do/post more art lately. Sorry it's so boring. I'd talk about Doctor Who or something but I'm still licking the wounds on that one.
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