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I spent the last weekend in Bournemouth visiting some friends. I ate Turkish, Spanish, French and boring old English food, drank a lot of wine and took a stroll along the beach. We went on the carousel and ate donuts in the park. All in all, it was a bloody nice weekend. Made a nice change from work, I'll tell you.

So, today, to further prove my dorkitude, I decided to try making some Phoenix Wright earrings. This is my first attempt, so I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out! I'm probably gonna make some My Little Pony themed necklaces and charms for Ponycon, once I get the right fixings for them. I'm also gonna make up some Doctor Who ones, because who doesn't want a TARDIS charm necklace?

Also, I figured I'd take some photos of my room and such, since it's finally exactly how I want it. I've spent the morning doing art and making silly jewellery, so I'm taking a break to picspam instead! There are a lot of photos here, be warned!

Attempting to show off the earrings. Phail.

Some notes;
• Yes, my DVDs are COLOUR COORDINATED. Yes, it is a really stupid idea! No, I can't ever find what I'm looking for. It just SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA OKAY? GOD.
• Count the TARDISes!
• I FINALLY have some ponies on display!! You have no idea how happy this makes me. Most of the rarer ones, too, might I add ;)
• Hur, Top Gear.
• Sleepy vermin don't allow for photo op. :(
• Ye-es. That is a bin in the shape of a pig. And?
• Half my fairy lights are dead ;( need new bulbs pls.
• I do have too many DVDs still in shrink wrap. Um.
• Giant Pony behind my bed, by the way, came back from Ireland with me. It was a store display thing.
• Yellow duck plushie was the first toy I ever had. Dad got it for me the day I was born. :)
• No. I don't much care for the Teletubbies, but I couldn't leave a bright blue shelving unit in the dump. D:

And wow, you guys are quick. I already have three replies while I edited this. D:

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