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This is a commission that's been hanging over my head for a while and to say I found it a challenge would be an understatement! It's the official poster for the 2008 International My Little Pony Convention, which is OMG SO SOON now! I am super excited about this con, since I missed it last year (stupid Oingo Boingo). There are some massive design faults - I'm so not a graphic designer D: - but I really like the art. I think I did a good job on this one, over all, though.

View larger or favourite here on deviantART!

Now I'm going up the attic to find out pony junk because OMG CON IN THREE WEEKS. I need to sell loads of ponycrap so I can buy even more ponycrap. MY LITTLE PONIES you guys. Ohh man.

also I just found this

Haaa, Edgeworth is so a Ravenclaw, duh. Von Karma would be a Slytherin. He's the absolute epitome of Slytherin. Gumshoe's totally a Hufflepuff and oh god why do I always think too hard about these crossovers and what houses everyone in the universe would be in auhkjakjdskajhkjakj.

I think Mr lazenich and I should totally be guests at Gallifrey One next year, because our comic is so good and we've made such a huge impact on the Doctor Who fandom and not just because I want to go back to LA so bad.
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