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So, um.

I'm going to be off and on for the next week, driving hundreds of miles all over the country. Yesterday I went up to Gloucester, because someone was having an impromptu My Little Pony sale and a group of us wanted to check out what she had. I didn't get anything

TODAY I'm off with mister lazenich to Stratford on Avon to go stalk David Tennant's ass in Hamlet!! Hoping to get to the stage door, though to be honest I doubt I'll get anything signed because honestly? Every time I see a photo of him from the stage door after Hamlet he looks so drained and tired, I don't think I'd have the heart to bother him. I've got a pretty lazy attitude when it comes to meeting him, really. He's young, very active publicly and British, so I'm pretty sure I'll have hundreds of chances to say hello. Still, photos and Twitter tweets to follow, I hope!

Hahaha, Luke just read that.

Me: It's true, I don't mind if I don't meet him, just so long as I get to stand vaguely near him and-
Luke: Go home with him.

BUT YEAH. David Tennant, haha.

Luke: you didn't even mention Patrick Stewart.
Me: :I
Tags: fandom: doctor who, theatre

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