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I just got a note back about the Ponycon poster:

I got it and have ordered some A3 posters, flyers and will hopefully be ordering some souvenir a4 posters too. I know everyon is gonna love it, its definitely my favourite poster we've ever had!

Really, that made me impossibly happy to hear! :D

Also omg! scooter_vincent, I got your package today!! She sent me the most awesome MLP shirt to wear at the convention, I am so stoked it came in time! Thank you so much!! <3

Oh, man you guys. Ponycon is NEXT WEEK I am so so unready.

NOT EVEN HALF OF IT. I'm mean I have two BOXES full of ponies in here and a tin of ponies and and and~


Oct. 1st, 2008 10:58 pm (UTC)
They're becoming pretty again! Even firefighter ponies need to be pretty!

Mainly, I'm going there to sell ponies. I have way too many doubles these days. And with the money I make I shall BUY MOAR PONIES.

There's usually a lot of girlie nerding to be had. It's pretty ace.