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London Expo October 2008!

Brilliant con! I'd never been before but I am so planning on going again. We really didn't know what to expect, apart from it being very anime influenced, despite being billed as a general 'media' con, but we still all had a great time.

Luke, DC and I got into London and checked in at the Ibis around 4 in the afternoon. We rested up for a bit and then went back into town (heh, 'town') to get food and go to 'Video Games Live'. I REALLY enjoyed that show! It was one of the major highlights of the weekend, really. There was a live orchestra and a choir, plus this guy live doing his thing!! Amazing. They had a guy come on stage from the audience to play Guitar Hero on extreme (and got like 98%), plus another one was acting as the actual... thing from 'Space Invadors' and had to run left to right to zap the, uh, invadors. Great stuff, really fun.

Anyway, they played lots of awesome songs and generally made me feel really good about being a gamer. :) No Sonic music, though, which was pretty strange.

They also had a bit of a cosplay contest going on there, which of course - being the day before Expo - meant quite a few Expo cosplayers had turned up and I caught my first glimpse of a Godot! I was in my HoboPhoenix hat (from the 4th Phoenix Wright game) since it pretty much classes as casual wear, and several people came up to me saying how much they loved it and one even had me do the "Objection!" pose with it on. Yay, nerds!

Anyway so the Expo itself was pretty ace. We had early entry tickets so we didn't need to queue, thank god, but we still ended up milling around outside for about an hour before we actually went in. Seems Outside is the place to be if you wanted to check out the cosplay going on. The moment I got there I bumped into Jade Edgeworth of the Court Records forums, and a guy playing Hobo!Phoenix, who targetted me (again, due to my amazing hat powers). Spent a lot of time just geeking out before finally going inside to actually, y'know, see some of the Expo.

Inside it really wasn't much more than a huge vending area, but there were cool games to play (lots of DDR and rhythm based stuff like Guitar Hero/Rock Band and an awesome theremin-esque DDR game), a small artists alley (I drew terrible doctorwhy type stuff) and Robot Wars!

I became the semi official photographer for the Phoenix Wright lot, which was okay by me. I can't believe we didn't have a 'real' Phoenix! I'm seriously considering crossplaying as him in May one of the days, because what the hell? However, I really don't know how well I'd do with that. I'm not sure how convincing girls can be as guy characters, y'know? It's not like Phoenix is a prettyboi or something. Oh, well. We'll see.

Ahaa, while we were there, ugerchucker admitted she was stuck on the last case of the first PW game. The dude playing HoboPhoenix called out "HEY, WE HAVE A GAME 1:5 EMERGENCY!" and everyone ran over to help, but a tiny guy playing Apollo got there first and he just pushed Apollo to the ground and said "I SAID GAME 1, NOT GAME 4!!" Brilliant. He was such a cute little Apollo, too.

Anyway so we had a Mia, a few Emas, an adorable little Apollo, a Diego, a Godot, a (pretty cute!) Gumshoe, Angel Starr and an original character ('Jade Edgeworth') hanging out with us. It was pretty neat.

Anyway, I also stalked the Doctor Who / Torchwood photoshoots a bit, of course.

I really liked this guys Doctor. He was pretty in character and quite cute!

So cute in fact I had to get in a little closer. Y'know. For research.

Nnnrrg dammit I really gotta shed that stone or ten of weight I've put on this year. Nnrfg.

Anyway, a couple of remaining photos;

Winning the Guinness World's Record for most video game characters in a single area. Yay!

Oh, also I only bought a couple of things, but one was a stupidly expensive 'Art of Gyakuten Saiban' book (Phoenix Wright). I got a little Gurren Lagann (Kamina) phone charm and a little Kittan toy (like this one), and a little Lagann of the same set.

Oh! though I also read the first two 'Death Note' mangas and now I'm absolutely hooked. Shame some inconsiderate bastard spoilered me today when I was trying to find the first episode of the anime. Seriously, I'd gone from knowing absolutely nothing about the story to knowing the biggest spoiler ever. -_- not amused.

ANYWAY I'm putting together a video since I took way more video footage than I thought I did, and I'll prolly upload more photos later, but yeah. That was our weekend. :D Can't wait till May! I'm definitely going in costume next time. :)

Haha fandomsecrets is amazing.

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