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Goodbye, QE2!

I spent far too long this morning watching the terrible F Zero anime on Youtube. I dunno, Captain Falcon's growing on me.

My day greatly improved when we went to watch the QE2 make her final voyage out of her home in Southampton. She's off to Dubai to become a floating resturant, because we're completely incapable of actually keeping any of our heritage for ourselves.

It was pretty emotional, really. I get choked up about this sort of thing. The Captain's speech was televised to us all on the land and it was very touching. I took video myself, but I haven't uploaded it anywhere. Luckily, some people were on the ball - this is a nice video someone's uploaded of the beautiful fireworks display we had while she sailed out for the final time. :(

I still might get to go on her, someday. Dubai is definitely on my list of places to visit. I've already been on the Queen Mary while I was in California, and on London Bridge when I was in Arizona. Seems like the best places to find England's culture is to go across the world to see it. -_-;

Anyway, I guess it's nearly 3 am and I was up at five this morning watching said terrible anime. I'm not particularly tired now, mind you, but I've gotten into a beautiful habit of watching South Park before I go to sleep. I've been watching series ten and eleven? I think. Funnier than I ever remembered South Park being. It's really matured over the years. I've always enjoyed it, but the comedy NOW is a far cry from vomiting over a girl because she talked to you, or a poo that sings about Christmas. The WOW episode had me giggling like an idiot and I don't even play WOW. :P

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