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doctorwhy has been TV Tropes-ed. Twice.

But it's over now, nobody cares anymore. If you're interested in something else Mr. lazenich and I are going to waste our time on, check out vworpvworp - and yes, that IS a bastard of a username to type out. Anyway, it's going to start later this month after a little break, since this is the first time in a year I've not had to draw a goddamned Doctor Who comic (and yet today at work I still doodled the Doctor on a napkin. What can I say? Just because we've split up, it doesn't mean I can just stop thinking about it. I can't just turn these feelings off, y'know.

I... I said I wouldn't cry...)

So yeah. vworpvworp, our new Doctor Who Comic Or Something. Be there or be totally square.