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Ho, I downloaded this dookicky called Poladroid that turns your photos into Polaroid-esque images, complete with the textured border. It's so much fun, you watch the image develop like it was a real Polaroid!

Not very interesting photos, but they're the first things I found on the PC. I really should camwhore more, y'know? I used to camwhore all the time when I was hot and thin. Now I'm fat and frumpy I just plain don't have the motivation to. I can't think why ;)

Also been enjoying ourbedrooms a lot. It's very inspiring! I was thinking of taking some photos of the pink clusterfest that is my room, but I'll need to actually motivate myself off this chair to do so, and that is a monumental task, let me assure you.


Feb. 10th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
I use Polaroid too! I love it!