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I'm a freaking blur here!

Ahahaaa, after the initial anger and upset that Valve's Scout update hasn't included a new 'Meet The Team' video (goddamn it), I quickly played a round (as Medic, mind you) on TF2 to check out the new scouts.

Well, I got the 'kill 50 Scouts with your syringe gun' achievement pretty damned quickly, but holy crap are Scouts insane now! How the hell have people unlocked the Sandman already?

The new taunts, soundclips and animations are amazing, but I am already way outclassed and it hurts, man. It hurts!

For what it's worth though, TF2 is only £6.99 for the next week as a promotion for the upgrade, so if anyone is even vaguely interested, snap it up! It's amazing value for money and way too much fun.

And now for the epic fangirl flailing:

Ahahahah damn the Scout actually says "Yeah, I dare you. Ragequit! C'mon, make us both happy!" - Meta as fuck.

Ahahaha and his anti-Demoman taunts. "Depth. Perception. Pal. Look into it."

Ahahahahahah oh god. Scout to Engie: "Here's somethin' you shoulda built. A Not-Dying-Machine!"

God he's such a jerk.

AHahahahahaha I'm sorry. "I am owning you, you fat bald bastard!" Poor Heavy. D: "I think I'll take Sascha out for steak dinner tonight, what you think about that?" "I am owning you you fat bald fatty fat... fat fat!"

Oh god he is the mouthiest jerk ever. "Ooh ho hooo, your gun shoots medicine. It's intimidating."
"Where's your precious 'hippo-crates' now??"

Aha, and of course, his anti Sniper ones; "Snipe that, you fricken' coward"
"Hey, that fancy scope of yours? I bet you got a real good view of me killin' you."
"You camped the whole time for this?"
"It was a mercy killing! You live in a ...camper van!"
"You'll never hit me! You'll never hit my tiny head! It's so tiny I got a frickin'... such a tiny little head!"

Aahaha, Soldier: "Drop dead and give me twenty!"
Spy: "Hey hey, you shapeshifted into a dead guy!"
"Hard to stab a guy in the back when he's beating your fricken' head in, huh?"

*takes a breath* okay I'm done.
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