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If you're in the UK you might have heard about this.

There was this place in Bristol called the Book Barn, which was a huge warehouse selling thousands and thousands of used books. Recently the company essentially went under, leaving the landlord of the warehouse with thousands of books he can't do anything with. He offered them to charity who refused them because he wouldn't deliver, apparently, so his solution was freaking awesome - he opened the doors to the public to come and take them away.

Luke went down there last week, and I finally got there Monday myself. It was incredible, totally unlike anything I'd seen before. Thousands of books just piled onto the floor. You were forced - against all literary morals - to walk over two foot high piles of books to get to other sections. There was no order or organisation, and they ranged from Terry Pratchett to books on accounting in the 1800s. There were ancient books, school text books, classics, magazines, even the odd PC monitor and overhead projector. This article has a good picture of the chaos.

I must have made away with about 70 books, I'd say. I plan on listing them all but half of them are currently at Luke's place. I got loads of old cowboy books, loads of high fantasy junk, horrors, thrillers, non fiction, kid's books. I wanted to go back and Luke was planning to, but they've closed the doors again, because apparently somebody broke in and vandalised the place, which initially made me angry as hell but now, y'know, kind of makes sense. You do something nice for people who genuinely appreciate it - of COURSE someone's gonna come along and destroy it. That's how the world works.

Bloody nice while it lasted, though. I could have taken hundreds if I had more time there. It annoyed me how many people have taken books just to resell them. I'm also annoyed I didn't get down there sooner - I made out like a bandit going when I did, I can't imagine how much I would have found had I gone there last week. Still, it was awesome.
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