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I guess this has only just been announced, so I'll excuse my flist here for being so damned slow on the uptake, but holy crap! Do you think Sega have finally heard what we've been saying for years? To be honest, I would assume that the new (2D) Mario Wii game, uh, inspired them to give this a try, and I really hope they don't fuck it up somehow which, quite frankly, is likely.

The project code name gives me hope. I wonder if this is their real attempt at a 'back to basics' Sonic game, since their last effort resulted in Sonic 2006.

Still, it's very exciting!


Sep. 9th, 2009 08:39 pm (UTC)
I watched a play through of the whole game (done by the same guys who did 2006 in one sitting) And the consensus I got was that night wasn't bad but needed polish, but the day time stuff, while sometimes unforgiving, was very fun when you got it right.

The pattern recognition stuff they've had a problem with with the DS stuff too, it seem. A shame, because Unleashed is SO pretty.

(Also, the attitude in the cutscenes for that and for Black Knight is great. I hope they stick with that tone)