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So, uh.

Okay yeah, that was a date. We went to see 'Book of Eli' which was a terrible movie. We were stuck in a tiny theatre with about ten seats and half way through he said how small it was, and I said we have quality over quantity in Bath, and he hugged me and said "Well, I certainly have quality sitting right next to me" :3

After that he snuggled up with me the whole time in this really awkward position so I asked if he was comfortable and he said "god, yeah, more than comfortable" and kissed me. And pretty much continued to kiss me the rest of the movie (I told him it's just as well it's a bad movie, since I take my cinema trips seriously and generally don't do the kissing-in-the-back-row thing, haha).

Afterwards we got a Whetherspoons (I like to stay classy) and chatted normally about random crap until eventually I just said "So... uh... what?"

He REALLY didn't know what to say, and was clearly uncomfortable that I'd put him on the spot. He said "I would LOVE to be able to say I'm with you" and I could just hear the 'but' in that sentence, but it turned out the only thing that was nagging at him was just the... change I guess. He said he wasn't sure how it'd work, which is a bit of a worry of mine, to be frank. But, I told him that I've been crushing hard on him for a long while now, which he actually seemed surprised about (guys are dumb) and that I personally would love to give it a go. And he said he wanted that too. He said I was perfect. :> I kept giving him chances to back out (because I'm horribly paranoid and insecure) and he told me I was stupid.

Later in the pub when we were back to joking about and just being ourselves, I said "Man. So are we in a relationship now?"

Which I guess is the most eloquent and accurate summary of the whole event.

tldr, I think I have a boyfriend now. That really hasn't sunk in yet.
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