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Geek Pop!

I love being a nerd, or whatever the hell they're calling it these days. The other night lazenich and I went to see three artists perform at an event in Bristol called Geek Pop. It was actually part of an online 'festival' dedicated to geeky (specifically science-based) topics. It was excellent! The first band wasn't exactly on topic, a group called Bert Miller and the Animal Folk who were pretty much the reason I'd love to attend Green Man someday. They sang preachy but fabulous Vegan/animal rights/new age/hippie songs. We both loved their sound (it was sort of... Neverhood, was the way I described it at the time) and the lead was the lovechild of Orlando Bloom and Jack Sparrow. Fantastic stuff.

The second act were two rappers called, er, 'Phat' Matt Baker and Jonathan Chase. It seems daft, it really does, but it worked. Chase has written stuff for various shows and magazines and teaches kids science through rap, it's pretty cool. Johnny Berliner was our last musical act and I really enjoyed his stuff. Sadly he wasn't selling CDs but I think we both woulda picked one up. He had a really nice sound.

The whole thing was just pretty great. The venue was this tiny little place called The Cube (we walked around for ages trying to find it, it was so small) and they served organic alcohol, mmmm. It was hosted by a guy who later provided a small comedy set and he was pretty great, too. Considering the whole evening only cost £5, it was absolutely worth it.

TODAY we've got a screening of the DVD of our production of Grease! They're having a real fancy affair with formal attire and a red carpet, haha. It should be fun!