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Alice in Wonderland!

I saw Alice in Wonderland today! We somehow got into a subtitled screening, but hey, at least we got to see it this time (it was sold out last time and we caught Lovely Bones instead.)

For everyone whining that it was all one giant Tim Burton wank fest, I don't think it really felt like a Burton movie all that much. Apart from featuring the usual suspects, it just felt like your typical, odd, brilliant fantasy movie. It wasn't dark or over the top, the Hatter wasn't half as annoying as I thought he'd be, and the cgi animals were just gorgeous. (Oddly enough, watching the White Rabbit just made me pine for a cgi Watership Down movie. Because that would be jolly.)

So yes. I expect I'll see it a couple more times with various people. I must admit, there weren't any 'omg' moments, sadly. Usually movies like that give me a few tears, a fluttering heart, a buzz during the battle scenes but... yeah I wasn't really feeling it here. Still, thoroughly enjoyed it, regardless.

Here, have a totally safe for work Doctor doodle.

Doodling the Doctor
by =reaperfox on deviantART