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I don't hate Matt Smith.

I know a couple of people were looking to me to cuss and blind about the new Doctor, but I'll be honest with you - aside from insisting he still rather resembles a foot, I always said he'll probably be a great Doctor, from the very moment I saw their little feature on him way back when. He's weird looking, he's eccentric, and he's really rather strange. These are all fabulous factors for the Doctor.

What I didn't expect was how easily it would be, as a die hard Tenth Doctor fan, to warm to the guy. The whole episode was great, way better than I expected from a 'first episode', which are usually silly and bland. The 'comedy' parts that should have felt really forced and eye-rollingly-terrible were genuinely gigglesome (BAD BAD BEANS) and fun.

The plot resembled a short story Moffat had written for one of the Doctor Who Storybooks, which was ace. I haven't yet formed an opinion on Amy. I'm hoping she's more than some titillating accessory - for all RTD's faults, not one of his companions were really deliberately eyecandy (Cpt. Jack aside, ahem).

Anyway, really looking forward to how the series shapes up. So far, so good!

Yesterday my mum gifted me with a DSi XL ! My old fat DS is on its last legs, but I've been loathe to replace it because I hate the new lites/Dsi Lites (too small and rectangular for my liking). I love it! I've already ordered a compatible R4 so I can play GBA games, because Nintendo are silly. Yesterday I took this photo with it:

Which is a double awesome thing because it means my car, which has been in the garage for like a week, is now back home! Her electrics are really faulty and even the mechanics haven't got a clue what's up, so they cleaned them all out and told me to see how it goes. If it all goes haywire again (and it will), we'll find an electrician or something to see what they can do. Whatever's wrong with her, I hope it's not too expensive. She's already cost a bomb and at this point it really would be cheaper to buy a new car. But. I love her. :( I just spent all morning cleaning her inside and out, because today is another glorious, almost-Summer day, and her metalic paint simply glitters in the sun. Yes. She's secretly a VAMPIRE.
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