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Conventions and Mooses and Doctors, oh my!

(yes I know the plural of moose is moose, shut up.)

ExCelent, am i rite

It's two weeks until Expo and I'm so excited! There's going to be an awesome group of us there and I just can't wait to hang out with everyone again, let alone cosplay, haha. I'm going as The Announcer from TF2 so long as my wig looks okay. I actually commissioned one from a girl in Bristol who came recommended on Cosplay Island, so here's hoping! My suit isn't very accurate, but I figure I'm allowed a little bit of artistic license for a character nobody'll even recognise anyway. We're organising a TF2 picnic providing the weather's nice, so that should be awesome too. In fact, there's talk of a massive pizza order. AND I'm going to see if people want to bundle into the hotel room for Doctor Who so we can watch it all together. Yay I can't wait!

Me 'n Moose are still going strong. He makes me unbelievibly happy and the only thing wrong with our relationship is the distance between us. I haven't yet met anyone who actually takes issue with our age gap, it probably helps that half his friends really liked me before we even got together (his exact words; "you stole my friends from me") and that anyone who knows me knows I'm not exactly your average 27 year old. :P

I finished Stephen King's 'Cell' the other day and I'm hunting through my bookshelves for a new read. I really enjoyed it! It's basically a zombie survival story, but it has a nice twist in how they behave. It's actually the only full length King novel I've ever read, I've only read his short stories until now. As a result, I picked up 'Needful Things' in a second hand store the other day (along with a ton of other books, it's like an addiction). I'll probably read it... somewhen. I'm eyeing up 'Stormfront' by Jim Butcher for now - I lost my original copy and only recently found it again, so now I can finally get into that series.

Anyway, that Doctor Who's still a bit good, isn't it? I really didn't think I'd like Matt Smith nearly as much as I do. He's very much his own Doctor. Amy's been annoying me a fair bit because she's coming across as far too perfect - she knew the Doctor too well within 24 hours of meeting him, she comes up with solutions no normal girl would. She annoyed me significantly less last week (in 'Amy's Choice') but generally whenever there's been a hole, it's been her AMAZING THINKING that got them out of it and it just feels a little, dare I say it, Mary-Sue-ish. At least give her a season to learn the universe a little and get to know the Doctor, y'know?

Anyway, have a zombie Tenth Doctor because I miss him.

The Doctor's Last "Life" by ~reaperfox on deviantART

I've been told to draw Matt Smith but he kind of scares me with his big ol' foot head.

Speaking of television shows, Ashes to Ashes finishes this friday! Holy hell I've no idea how they're going to do it. I'm really scared they're going to pull some Life on Mars America bullshittery out of their bums, given the explody stars thing but who knows. Only a few days to find out! I'm so scared they'll ruin it somehow. :(
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