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You have failed me.

The announcer!OKAY SO I'm pretty much not at all ready for London Expo. You wish you were as cool as me and my epic TF2 Announcer costume. I'm picking up my mad keen Announcer wig tomorrow (I say 'mad keen', I haven't even seen it yet! But it'd better be for the money I spent on it! And my costume kinda falls apart without it, oop.) THIS is what the administrator/announcer in TF2 looks like, for reference. Just pretend I'm like 10 stone lighter and 30 years older.

Anyway, I should be off packing and charging up various phones, ipods, cameras etc. Expo sounds awesome this year, actually some events I want to attend as well as the general mooching we usually end up doing. My parents are coming up to London on the Sunday and I think they're going to pop by to say hi. I'm looking forward to them seeing all the silly cosplayers, just so they get a glimpse at stupid nerdculture at its 'finest' (debatable).

I guess someday I should try and actually have a table on the artist's alley. I've never really looked into it before but a couple of people I know are going to be doing it this year. I'll have a look around this weekend and see what sort of things people offer. I don't know if anyone would wanna buy my stuff, but it can't hurt to try (apart from my pride.)

Also, the first time I ever met Moose irl was at Expo last May :3 Haha I was nervous about meeting him for some reason, and I remember being scared to hug him g'bye because I thought he was way young and that it'd be inappropriate, hahahha. So much difference a year makes. >:)
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