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May London MCM Expo 2010!


So, London Expo was awesome, of course!

I went up to London on the friday to spend the day with Moose and generally mooch about Southbank. We discovered the giant Udderbelly tent for E4s comedy festival thing, so we got a drink there and enjoyed the few hours of sunshine/nice weather we had. I love Southbank, it's totally overdone and we go there every time but it's such a nice area to just look around and kill some time. Being smack bang next to Waterloo is a plus, too.

^my boyf. I love the sideburns :3

Annyway so we left after six to go get my wig from a girl I commissioned to make one like the Announcer's hair. When me and Moose got onto the DLR train towards the Excel, we realised we were on the carriage right infront of lazenich and digicowboy, so we joined them, checked into the hotel and went over to another hotel (and one that was rammed with anime nerds clearly going to the con, including a rather terrifying (and smelly!) Bananaman and a guy dressed up as Pikachu that from then on became known to us as Methchu, he was so skeezy. We picked up my wig, and I'll be honest I was a little dissapointed in it. I paid like $100 for it to be floofy, since the Announcer's hair is really big, and it was pretty much like wearing a hat. The girl who made it was lovely and I'm sure she did her best, but considering I was relying on it to 'put together' my costume I was a bit bummed out. Oh well! A couple of people recognised me, usually after commenting on lazenich's Demoman costume first. It was weird not being a very well known character, overall I was a little dissapointed in the wig and the fact the weather was soo terrible - it rained pretty much all afternoon. Still, our TF2 group was awesome! We had a level 2 sentry and a ton of awesome props. Everyone there seemed awesome too, apart from one shouty guy who seemed to know all the lines from TF2 but had absolutely zero social skills :P

Anyway and then this happened, which was nerdy to the max:

Saturday night Moose, DC, Luke, our friend Tanner who was asleep on the floor, haha, and I, all gathered around to watch that week's Doctor Who! It was a bit good, wasn't it? The two parter in general was a bit of an average thing, but the ending when STUFF HAPPENED was just very much a "...woah" moment, and turned an average episode into an awesome episode.

CIMG3593 CIMG3580 CIMG3629 CIMG3630 CIMG3584 CIMG3618 CIMG3575
see more at my Flickr gallery!

Sunday was much of the same, we didn't cosplay because Sunday's a good day to actually look around the hall and BUY THINGS. I only bought one thing, because I am poor, but it is an AWESOME THING and I ended up wearing it all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so hey.

What is it? WHY, IT IS THIS HAT:

It is a most triumphant hat.

Lots of people stayed over Sunday night too which was cool. They were all around our hotel, including a random Aperture Science furry who seemed terrified when Luke asked if he was an Aperture Science furry (he was.) Also the awesome dude who made our level 2 sentry was cosplaying as a policeman furry later on Sunday, what? Anyway he was cool so whatever. We bumped into him in the lift when he was dressed as an Engineer and he was complaining because his roommate was a BLU Spy and had taken their only set of keycards and he couldn't get back in, haha. So appropriate.

Anyway, all in all a good weekend, would buy from again, AAA+++


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Jun. 5th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC)

Did you perchance see a group of people in CATS costumes? I know dems~!

Also, I freakin' love that Dalek costume. There's video footage of it on jootoob. Looks pretty damn good!
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