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Six months of crocket love :3

It seems like only yesterday I was whining on Livejournal about some guy I liked, who I'd met on Team Fortress 2 and who could never possibly be interested in me in return. This Monday just passed, however, marked six months together, and since it's a milestone I don't think either of us expected to reach, we had a night together celebrating in Bristol. It was lovely, of course. Any time I spend with him is. I'm seriously so, so, so happy I managed to snag this guy. Every time I think back to when I first had a crush on him, how hopeless it all felt, I feel like I have to pinch myself to remind me that yes, it's real. I'm with a guy I met on a video game, and he's handsome and funny and charismatic and awesome and goddamn if I'm not proud to call him mine.

Team Fortress 2 has a hell of a lot to answer for.

So yeah. We spent the night together and saw Inception, had our minds blown and ate chicken. And, yeah, talked TF2 tactics. A lot.

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