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Firstly, this is an amazing video:

Sherlock was a really, really great little show and I can't wait until the full series next year. I haven't spoken about it here because I haven't spoken about much here, yet I'm the first to whine that Livejournal's dying a death. Soo, here's an entry.

Moose and I are still going strong. His folks seem to like me (enough to let me stay and force copious amounts of beer into my hands, anyway) and his friends remain awesome. Here's a really cute picture of Luke, Moose and me on the 'Wild Mouse' ride at the Great Dorset Steamfair. It's a shame Sarah doesn't like going on rides, but it's always nice to have her photography skills.

On Monday I'm off to Thorpe Park with a ton of people. I haven't been there in years, and I really can't wait to just let my hair done and have a lot of fun. I really really love the look of the new Saw horror maze there, though I'm not sure about the Saw ride at all. (By contrast, DC has told me he'll have nothing to do with the maze, but will probably have a go on the rollercoaster.)

I've been fending off a horrible cold I got at the Steamfair. Summer colds are the worst, they just linger and make you feel so poopy. I've so much artwork to do and stuff to get ready for Ponycon and London Expo, both happening late October, and it's just fffff. I just had some cough medicine and now I feel ill. :(

Anyway, I'm getting annoyed because I can't find some high res images I need to make prints, so I'm going to get back to work before spending an evening of TF2, Worms and Transformice. Yus.