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I miss livejournal. It feels so quiet in here. I think I'll always use this place as my main blog, because I've ten years worth of life detailed in LJ posts, but it's still kind of sad to have it all feel so ...empty.

It's three weeks 'till Ponycon and four until London Expo! This month rocks! My planning for Expo is nearly over, apart from designing a mini comic I'm still fully intending on Getting Done. My planning for Ponycon hasn't even started, yet. I have four boxes of ponies to take for selling, and I haven't priced or packed any of them, yet. I'm getting a train up so I'll be dragging everything in a suitcase, oof.

Speaking of ponies, I'm loving the style of this new MLP cartoon hitting television this month. It looks like Powerpuff Girls or something, and while a part of me says 'IT'S ALL SO MODERN EUGH', I love it! I love the attitude half the ponies have, their expressions and motions are so full of life and real, which sure is a far cry from the recent cartoons.

And, absolutely unrelated, ho boy do I want this. The rational (poor) side of me is going 'well, all the music will be torrent-able' but... just... ugh. It's so pretty, and I really want to see that interview between Danny and Tim. And... just... ugh!

Halloween's going to be okay this year. It falls on Expo (sunday) so we're thinking of heading to a London horror maze that evening. I miss carving pumpkins and actually decorating the house, but there's never any point around here. Oh well, someday when I get my own place I'm going to host amazing halloween parties, and they will rock.

Stole this from likeshine, who stole this from tumbler. I need to remember these rules myself.
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