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Sketchavember, day 3 with BONUS rant!

Valve annoys me so very, very much. When Team Fortress 2 came out, they went on about silhouettes, nothing jeopardizing the lining up of headshots, making sure characters and weapons were easily identifiable regardess of the situation. They also had (and presumibly have) a team of concept artists and creators who were dedicated to maintaining the general aesthetic that was Spytech, 50s/60s Americana, red rock America and cold war ambience.

And then, for some reason, they turned to The Internet to govern their creative output, and the trouble is, for all the brilliance and creative content the net has to offer, it's also largely populated by the mentality that finds illiterate catchphrases and the overuse of cat pictures the upmost of wit and hilarity.

Initially, they set forth a series of guidelines to try to maintain the Team Fortress 2 feel. Among these;

Keeping the visual style consistent is important, in that we don't want anything out of theme or out of date. TF is a stylized world set some time in the 50's. Nothing modern, visually hyper-realistic, or overly "cartoony."

Which is why, of course, we now have a Doctor Suess hat, a Kabuto and the severed head of a popular video game character, amongst other terrible ideas.

Of course, talking about this subject anywhere generally gets met with a chorus of abuse. How stupid it is to take the art and design of a silly fps video game so seriously (despite the fact people are being paid right now to work on said art and design.) I must be a complete moron to care so much about pixels in a video game (regardless of how many websites there are dedicated critiquing movies and animation).

And so I'll end this rant with a messy preview wip of the Soldier, wearing yet another stupid and themeatically bereft hat, the Chieftian's Challenge.