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OH HAI December! I guess it's time to bring out my Christmas icon again! We haven't had any snow yet, it sucks. The rest of the UK seems to have tons and the schools are closed and blehhh, but here we had a dusting of ice and that was about it. I did the majority of my Christmas shopping today though! Still a way to go, but it's good to feel like I've actually done something. I'm sooo looking forward to Christmas this year, more than I have in a long time, and I don't really know why. I've turned into a huge kid again. They played 'Last Christmas' on the radio the other day and I nearly bounced off the walls. Of course, it means Christmas'll end up being a huge disappointment somehow, but hey. I'll enjoy the buzz while I can. Besides, whatever happens, there's a new Doctor Who in 24 days! :D

Because we were away in November I totally failed on Sketchavember, so here's an attempt at my very own SketchDecember. DAY UNO.

Scout stop being such a pansy, it's just a flesh wound. You're the reason I hate playing Medic in pubs. :|