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Post Christmas Haze

On DeviantART I joined two Secret Santas. I can't post my art for one of them yet, but here's a picture I drew for someone who said they like Minecraft and Professor Layton. In return, an awesome girl I actually met at Amecon earlier this year was my Secret Santa, and she drew Moose n' me as a Soldier and Medic combo in TF2, d'awww.

Ryuuza-san.deviantart.com! Check out her art, she's aces. I bought a ton of TF2 postcards off her at Ame and she's gonna have a table at Expo next year, so it's gonna be such a cool nerdfest (again.)

Anyway, so yesterday I finally managed to meet up with Luke and Sarah for gift exchanging and general hanging out. It was pretty weird, because nothing felt particularly festive. Then again, despite my being horribly into Christmas earlier this month, and despite the snow that lingered, this whole weekend didn't feel festive at all. But normally, when we have our Christmas gathering, we have crackers to pull and other silly Christmas related things. This was our first year without the four of us (DC had to work) and we just exchanged gifts in the Hobgoblin while I downed copious amounts of Beesting.

Still, it's always nice hanging out, whether it feels festive or not. We ended up playing cards (Go Fish) for hours, which rapidly became 'play Go Fish with silly accents' (Jeremy Clarkson was the favourite). I haven't had that much fun playing cards in such a long time, it was so stupid.

Sarah made me some RED and BLU earrings, though sadly the BLU is now BL because they broke :( I'm going to glue them back together though and wear them at Expo. She also gave me a pink ukulele and a book teaching me how to play. Now to flood Youtube with terrible videos of my below average musical abilities! Woo.

Luke got me one of the best things ever, this HISTORY OF THE SOVIET UNION, ARRANGED TO THE MELODY OF TETRIS t-shirt. I wish it wasn't so huge (it's a small and it's still huge), because it is awesome.
He also got me this gorgeous Pixar Treasures book, The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick, and a book that describes itself as a 'crash course in current affairs', because I'm pretty oblivious about so much going on these days, heh.


Dec. 29th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
Hell yeah, ryuuza-san is so awesome! That picture is amazing! <3333
I didn't participate in any secret santas this year! Sads! I never know who's having them. I hope you had fun doing yours!

Also I got your AWESOME Christmas card, and it made me smile so much! Thank you!!!!